Thursday, February 24, 2011

Embroidered Pillow Cover - Herringbone

Once i started to feel that there are no embroidered pillow covers with me, bought cloths, selected a design and started with herringbone.
See two close ups here down.

I planned for two pillow covers and both of them, even after one year of start, have not yet touched the finishing point. But interestingly, i started to change the pillow cover idea to a table cloth idea for them. But not yet finalized :)

Crochet Start

I started learning crocheting from my MIL.
Here are the first attempts...

Cross Stitch Flowers

These also i got as gifts from the aunty :)
They are lovely and looks perfect... Here goes one coaster.

One beautifully cross stitched flower bunch below

Yet another one...

Embroidered Pillow Cover

This was gifted to us by an aunt of our acquaintance.
The whole of pillow cover is done by hand, even the side hemming!
See the embroidery pics down.

Looks simple and elegant!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabric Painted Saree - Blue and Pink

This is again another fabric painting attempt and it was also done for my mom. This saree i got around six years back and it rested in my cupboard for more than three years before getting the pinkies onto it :). And of course i have a few more such unworked pieces stored with me :)

This saree is koyal kotta, which i got from Kerala. I searched for a lot for this type of material in bangalore but did not get. The flowers are done with pearl shades and leaves with normal fabric paint.
Two close ups of the flower bunches.

Fabric Painted Saree - Maroon Flowers

I had accomplished couple of sarees with fabric painting.
And the one shown here is actually the very first that i did, around 8 years ago. I did and gave to my mom she still have it with no damage.

I did the flower bunches as a set of blocks at different locations on the saree body and on the pallu. Here goes the saree view(the cloth is not pressed, pardon :) )
Here is another closeup of the flower bunch.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Sample Fabric Painting

This design has been with me for long; and so the plan to paint this has also been there for long. Thought of trying it out, to get the color combo. Here Goes the trial, though not complete...

Hope to embellish this for one saree soon.