Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One More Laisy Daisy

This top has a yoke with laisy daisy stripes.

A more closer look is below.

Orange Colored Top

Even this stitch I cant name. When i tried it it came nice over the necklane.

The sleeves follow the same pattern.

Ash And Pink

I dont know the technical name of this stitch, but after doing it i liked it a lot.

The bottom of the top and the chudi bottom bottom is also worked out like this yoke.

Here is the closer view of the stitch.

Brown Flowers

This is again a churidar material i did. The brown are the flowers. This comes with same dupatta with flowers all over it.

Here is a closer view of one flower.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green And Red - Running stitch

The flowers are there all over the body and over the dupatta. Flowers, neckline and sleeveline use simple running stitch.

One more view is below.

Fabric Painting I - Lilac Lillies

Yellow sari fabric painted with lilac flower bunches.

See another bunch below. The above picture is part of pallu.

Laisy Daisy II

A laisy daisy border for a hanky.

First Attempt! Laisy Daisy!!

This was my first attempt.
One dupatta with laisy daisy embellished.